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Single Stainless Steel Revent Oven Rack



“**Oven Rack for Revent Ovens with Stainless Steel Construction**

This rack is designed explicitly for Revent ovens, offering robust stainless steel construction that ensures durability and resistance to the most demanding working conditions. Equipped with heat-resistant baking wheels designed to withstand high temperatures without compromising their integrity, this rack is ideal for industrial environments requiring consistent performance.

– Stainless steel construction ensures strength and durability.
– Heat-resistant baking wheels designed to withstand temperatures up to 550°F.
– Flexible customization of wheel size and material to suit specific customer needs.
– Capacity for one 18*26 tray per level, offering ample baking capacity.
– Reinforced welds ensure a sturdy and reliable structure.
– Designed to operate continuously in 24/7 industrial environments, ensuring consistent and efficient performance.

Whether for bakeries, pastry shops, or other commercial establishments, this oven rack for Revent ovens provides a reliable and effective solution to optimize baking processes, ensuring exceptional results at all times.”

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Oven Rack for Revent ovens. Stainless steel construction. Ruedas aptas para horneado resistentes al calor. Permite personalizar el tamaño y material de las ruedas. 1 bandeja de 18*26 por nivel. Soldaduras reforzadas. Construido para trabajo industrial 24/7. Soporta temperaturas elevadas de hasta xxxºF.

Additional information

Weight 153.16 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 29 × 71 in
Rack levels

14, 16, 18, 20, 22